My new life as a New England tattooer…..


Hello to all & any who are checking out this blog from the beginning, or have enough interest & attention span to search through past posts and get here.  Either way, your interest & attention are greatly appreciated!

Considering this is my first post, i guess i can give a very brief history of my career as a tattooer.  I started tattooing the summer of ’92 and was given a chance to tattoo professionally at Body Graphics in Philadelphia while still studying sculpture at the University of the Arts.  An exciting chance to work at Everlasting Tattoo brought me out to San Francisco the first time, from “98-’01 ; during this time I also was afforded a good amount of time to work & travel.  I spent a little time in Canada, Hawaii, and both coasts of the US intermittently, but mostly became fascinated with western Europe and the opportunities i was lucky enough to find there. One of those opportunities led to me moving to Switzerland to work in Zurich for a year with the great Mick Tattoo, in 2002. Alot of knowledge & influence was assimilated there, but when it was time to get back to the states, it was back to Philly to work with the Cosmic Commander at Kadillac tattoo for a few years. San Francisco was calling again in time, and when my friends Jason Kundell and Luke Stewart asked me to partner with them to open a new shop in late 2005, Seventh Son Tattoo was born. In 8 years, Seventh Son had truly become a world-class studio, and one of the top-tier destination shops in a city famous for its overabundance of talent. Time passed, i got older, and some plans that had been slowly coalescing became a reality- it was time to head back to the East Coast  and spread some roots.  I moved to the Boston area spring of 2014 with long-term intentions. With no further aspirations to own a shop, i’ve found much more time to concentrate on my art and the craft of tattooing. I’ve been lucky enough to find comfortable homes at The Torchbearer in Pawtucket, RI and Redemption Tattoo in Cambridge, MA.  I am working at these studios only by appointment, and am getting back into some traveling as well.  Expect to see me working in NY, NJ, Montreal, London, Switzerland, and other locales in 2015; as well as back at Seventh Son on a regular basis….

Future plans also bear mentioning in this first blog post… Almost since the start of my career i’ve held a primary interest in the Japanese style of tattooing, and i’ve been pursuing that even more avidly since the move.  Although i’ve always prided myself on the street shop approach to tattooing, in which the artist should be as well-versed in styles and abilities as possible, i’ve decided after 22 years of tattooing that i’d really like to focus my artistic endeavors a bit more on the Japanese as well as other Asian styles primarily.  A traditional American approach to imagery will always interest me as well, and i’ll always be open to ideas that i feel i can illustrate well. I’ve only chosen to be a bit more selective with what i take on, and pursue only those projects which really excite me. Consider this an open invitation to explore those options with me….

My move to New England was done with long-term planning and intent. This is a locale that i have connections to in more than one way. The tattooing scene in the area is vibrant and full of untapped potential, and i plan on making my mark. I feel more inspired than i have in a long time and my best work is yet to come in this, the second half of my career. Please stay tuned and take the ride with me….!

— Erik




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  1. It is with great respect and sincerity to say that I am very happy to have Erik back on the East Coast. A talented artist and a good friend; both qualities are a nice addition the New England scene. I have no doubt that he will indeed leave his mark. Cheers, Kevin

  2. Bill McGowan says:

    Wishing you much success with your soon-to-open business in Boston’s Brighton neighborhood!

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